​"We design homes with the charm, character and features that will truly make your home one of a kind"
Concept and Design​

Working closely with you we'll take your notes, sketches, etc. and incorporate them into a preliminary design for a home meeting your specific needs. With our computer aided design software, and a systematic design process we're able to bring your dream home to reality in just a matter of days. You'll be able to see your home take shape in photo-realistic 3-D and compare design options such as exterior finishes, room sizes, and kitchen & bath options. Your lifestyle, budget and personal tastes can easily be accommodated during this process. Using the Internet, e-mail, and PDF files we are able to make revisions and send them to you quickly for fast approval. You'll be able to review the drawings as they progress, make revisions and be involved in the design process.

Construction Documents​

​Upon completion your plans are the detailed construction documents required for building permits, estimating and for your contractor to work from.

A typical set of plans will include the following:

​Stock Plans

Buying stock plans from a magazine or online may seem more convenient, but they may not save you money. There are several factors to consider when looking at stock plans. Typically they are generic in nature and may not provide the detail necessary for personalizing the home to your liking. Most stock plans were originally prepared for another region, and don't always reflect our coastal building code requirements. Building officials will not issue a permit for a stock plan without extensive modifications.
Copyright issues are always a concern and getting permission to redesign or change a stock plan can be time consuming and expensive. All of these factors can add significantly to the final expense of designing and building your home.

Building & Construction​

We've developed an excellent working relationship with many of the areas most respected home builders, and will be glad to assist you in selecting a contractor for your new home. Our plans are designed to meet or exceed the 2012 International Residential Code. We work closely with our engineering associates to ensure that your plans have been designed to meet the required wind loads and have the proper specifications and details. Upon completion your plans will meet all the necessary requirements and be ready to submit to a structural engineer for certification and a building permit.

Building Codes / Planning & Zoning Information        
Coastal Building and Flood Zone Information
Energy Conservation and Code Information

Many building departments now require that new homes, additions, and alterations meet the requirements of the IECC or state energy codes. We will provide the appropriate REScheck Compliance Certificate as well as the Data Collection Checklist when required for permitting.

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